Group Profile

Globe Group was founded in 1976 and  has  grown  into one of Saudi Arabia’s  leading marine  services groups with a diverse portfolio that includes; Shipping, Transportation, Port operations, Logistics,  Operations and  Maintenance, Cargo Surveying, Container Terminals, Petrol  Chemical Plants, Restaurants, Real Estate and Retail Fashion brands.Since 1976 the Globe Group has offered their clients exemplary service in a number of logistical areas that have grown into a diverse range.Whether it’s a once off requirment or a comprehensive Turnkey operation or multi faceted collaboration, we have the local knowledge combined with the best professional and technical expertise to deliver beyond your expectations.

The Globe Group was created around a strategic managerial core sustained by a well established and dynamic Kingdom wide infrastructure of highly trained professionals with supporting resources, technology, services and brands obtained through strategic alliances and joint ventures internationally. Allowing the Globe Group to build on existing, proven business’ whilst diversifying the Groups portfolio to meet the ever growing demands and expectations of a rapidly evolving market in the most effective, competitive and professional way.